How To Choose The Right Probiotic

Probiotics are microorganisms which when taken provide plenty of health benefits. They only give the benefits when taken in the right amounts. Probiotics can be in form of supplements or foods like yogurt, kefir, etc. The biofit probiotic have certain health benefits and can be healing. Probiotics are considered safe but should not be taken by people who have a weak immune system.


Some brands have been certified and approved to manufacture probiotics. They have done scientific research because they value the consumers’ health and wellness. A dedicated will invest in several scientific studies to back up their drug benefits. You need to research to see the best brands in the market. Visit numerous websites to find evidence of research from drug companies.

When doing your search, look for the keyword “clinically proven”. The longer a company has been in the market, the more likely its products have been tested and studied appropriately. Some companies which have manufactured probiotics for a long time include; Bicodex, Dannon, Kraft, Nestle, Procter and Gamble, Yakult, Attune Foods, General Mills, etc.

The Strains Used

The most common probiotics come from Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. Look for a probiotic that is a combination of different strains, one strain cannot do you everything.

Research the combination of strains that are clinically proven to provide the benefits you need. According to studies, some strains seem more effective compared to others for treating certain conditions. Be keen on probiotics that have been shown to achieve specific benefits effectively.

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Storage Information

There are specific guidelines that are to be followed when it comes to the storage of probiotics. A suitable environment is required to keep them alive. When probiotics are in a dormant state, moisture and heat will reduce their shelf life. They should keep in a dark, cool, and dry place to maximize their shelf life. Depending on how some probiotics are manufactured, some can survive even under normal room temperature conditions.

The general rule is to store probiotics supplements at a cool and stable temperature. Ensure you check the package label for specific storage instructions. The shelf life can also be influenced by the company’s choice of packaging. Some companies provide Amber glass to protect the probiotics from UV rays and to minimize moisture. CSP bottles and desiccant containers are known as stability shields. It is recommended not to interfere with the original packaging of your probiotics.

Date Of Manufacture

All probiotics have a shelf-life because they are living organisms. Checking the package for the expiry date is important. If the expiration date has already been reached it means the probiotics are dead by the time they reach you.

The manufacturers should provide “the time of manufacture” or state “viable time of manufacture”. Ignore a product that doesn’t have that information on its package. You won’t benefit from a probiotic whose contents are expired and dead.…

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