Why Women Are Encouraged to Cycle Often

For a long time, cycling has been viewed as something for men. However, this perception is fast changing as more and more women embrace cycling. Is cycling beneficial to women? While this debate has been ongoing for a while, numerous studies have confirmed that cycling is good for women, just like their male counterparts.

Cycling is a low-impact activity that helps women get fitter without subjecting themselves to the risk of getting injured. To get started, you should consider investing in folding electric bikes. The good thing about bicycles is that they are no longer expensive. That said, here are some reasons why women should embrace cycling.

Promotes Weight Loss

Cycling can be a calorie destroyer depending on how you approach it. Riding a bike engages most muscles, which means that you will be using many calories to power the bike. While you cannot tell the actual number you burn, the number of calories burnt usually depends on the cyclist’s age, fitness level, intensity, and weight. The beauty of cycling is that you can sustain the workout longer compared to other high impact workouts.woman cycling

Makes You Look Younger

Any woman out there would appreciate doing anything that makes them look younger and healthy. Like most physical activity, cycling improves the volume of blood flowing to the skin. This means that your skin receives a lot more nutrients and oxygen when cycling. Moreover, cycling has been shown to promote collagen production, a key ingredient in anti-aging cream responsible for taking away those lines on the face.

Protects Your Heart

Your heart operates just like other body muscles. The more you work out, the stronger it gets. Riding a bike, especially at high speeds, means that your heart is forced to pump harder to ensure that every muscle receives adequate nutrients. Cycling is a fantastic way for any woman to improve the heart’s health, which goes a long way in reducing the risk of heart disease.

Reduces Stress

Cycling after a busy day at work will leave you feeling energized and motivated. If you are feeling stressed, cycling can help you calm your nerves. The scientific reason behind this is that exercising promotes the production of two hormones, dopamine and endorphin, that are responsible for making us happy and relaxed.

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